Sage45 is made up of a team of hotel experts who have come together to change the way people discover, book, and experience hotels. We’re a hospitality-tech incubator looking for opportunities to create solutions that better empower a new wave of travelers and hotels. 


Our journey started in late 2016 with One Night, a last-minute booking app offering a curated list of independent hotels at the lowest available rates. The app was founded during our time at The Standard hotels, where we sought to challenge outdated approaches to hotel booking. Today, One Night is operating in 19 cities with 230 experientially-driven hotels.


Benny is our latest innovation in the online travel space. The website gives travelers the opportunity to become Agents for the most sought-after hotels in each city. Agents will be able to share their hotel recommendations, invite their friends to book at exclusive rates, and collect a commission for each booking their friends make. At its core, Benny was created to give travelers a community where they can share and benefit from their passion for hotels.



Make it easy.

We recognize that planning travel can be a daunting task. We develop technologies and online experiences that make finding the right hotel as simple as possible.


Give people confidence.

We know that travelers get overwhelmed with guides and reviews, not knowing what information they can trust. We seek to provide quality over quantity, offering information exclusively through trusted sources.


Inspire all travelers.

We understand that people often become a heightened version of themselves when traveling. We help guests escape their comfort zone, experience new cultures, and connect with individuals from all walks of life.


Be a valuable partner.

We have experienced the downside of traditional OTAs that cannibalize a hotel’s margins and brand value. Through curation, we seek to increase brand value and maximize demand and revenue for our hotel partners.


Challenge the norm.

We are in an industry that has been hesitant to change. We make sure to look for opportunities, whenever and wherever we can, to create solutions that better empower a new wave of travelers and hotels.



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